Saturday Morning Retreats

post retreatThe first Saturday of every month, 9 am – 1 pm. $20.

Take time from your daily life to deepen your spiritual practice in a monastic environment with Dharma friends. ‘Through your own effort,’ as the historical Buddha advised, awaken with mindfulness, attention and a renewed connection to joy.

Wear loose-fitting, modest clothes — something comfortable and appropriate for the season. Note: please try to avoid avoid bright colors and shirts with logos and writing, as these can be distracting to other retreatants.

Formal sitting and walking meditation periods are punctuated with short breaks and followed by a formal lunch, all of it done silently.

Longer Retreats

port austin meditationA vital tradition of Zen Buddhism, longer retreats are a period of time set aside to deepen our spiritual practice in a monastic environment surrounded by Dharma friends.

Still Point encourages local Detroiters to attend the retreats, and accepts those outside Metro Detroit seeking to deepen their practice. Registration for the longer retreats begins roughly one month prior to the retreat.

Feel free to visit our Events Calendar for retreat dates.

Family Retreat

Every September, Still Point families and friends gather at Circle Pines Center in Dalton, Michigan for a weekend retreat, where family Dharma services co-mingle with yoga and other classes, and options abound for bicycling, hiking and kayaking on your own.  Swimming is encouraged, and lazing about is all but mandatory.  Locally-sourced, lovingly-prepared, vegan meals are included, along with Fair Trade coffee.  The days end with informal campfires, storytelling, and, often, really amazing Canadian popcorn.

Maybe best of all for you overextended parents:  unlike on typical retreats, you can pick and choose from the many activities on offer – & if you want to just lay around in a lounge chair reading for three days, all we ask is that you choose a book with little to no redeeming social value whatsoever.

The whole thing is fun, laid-back, and filled with the sort of goodness that caused Shakyamuni Buddha himself to declare sangha one of only Three Jewels.

2015 Still Point Family Retreat Information & Registration Form

For more information or to register please call Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple at 313-831-1005 or Email the Guiding Teacher